France Football has handed in the list of the initial 50 candidates chosen for this years FIFA GOLDEN BALL AWARD. These are now the following procedures:

1. 1st of November the list of 50 will be shortened to 23 players
2. 5th of December , three players will be named as finalists
3. 9th of January 2012 the winner will be announced
SPANISH FOOTBALL is well represented & especially FC BARCELONA which has 10 players on the list, while REAL MADRID has 5 players. 

The 10 candidates from FC Barcelona are:

Eric Abidal
Lionel Messi
 Xavi Hernandez
David Villa
Cesc Fabregas 
Andres Iniesta
Carles Puyol
Gerard Pique
Dani Alves 
Alexis Sanchez

The 5 candidates for Real Madrid are:

Iker Casillas
Mesut Ozil
Sami Khedira
Cristiano Ronaldo 
Xabi Alonso

Another Spanish Football born player is on the list, David Silva (Man City) along with Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Gómez, Thomas Müller, Ribery, Klose, Sneijder, Van Persie, Robben y Van der Vaart, Samuel Eto'o, Kun Agüero, Luis Suárez, Diego Forlán, Chicharito Hernández, Wayne Rooney, Neymar & Antonio di Natale.
 Some other names on the list are

Schweinsteiger (Bayern Múnich)
 Philip Lahm (Bayern Múnich)
Mario Gómez (Bayern Múnich)
Thomas Müller (Bayern Múnich)
Frank Ribery (Bayern Múnich)
Miroslav Klose (SS Lazio)
 Wesley Sneijder (Inter de Milan)
 Robbie Van Persie (Arsenal)
 Arjen Robben (Bayern Múnich)
 Raphael Van der Vaart (Tottenham)
 Samuel Eto'o (Anzhi)
 Kun Agüero (Manchester City)
 Luis Suárez (Liverpool)
Diego Forlán (Inter de Milán)
 Chicharito Hernández (Manchester United)
 Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
Neymar (Santos)
 Di Natale (Udinese)
 David Silva (Manchester City)
All the coaches and captains  from all the national teams as well as all the journalists from around the world that participate  will vote to  elect the next FIFA Golden Ball 2012. Next December 5th, we will know  the name of the three  final football players . 
Meanwhile, we have to wait until January 9th, 2012 when the winner will be announced in Zurich.