Lionel Andrés Messi an argentinean who was born in Santa Fe can become part of football history. At the age of, 24 Messi is a  finalist for  The FIFA GOLDEN BALL award that will be given this coming January 9th. 

Messi could win the award  the third time in his football career. In the previous editions of the Gala, Messi was nominated with one of his teammates and friends Xavi Hernandez. This year Messi is a finalist with Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi Hernandez. 

Messi´s ability with the ball and dominance on the pitch make him unique and the best football player on the planet. 

On the pitch one can enjoy watching Messi playing with elegance, a wonderful understanding of the game and quick movements that allow him to givve the right pass at the right moment. Messi is the worst nightmare  for defenders and a dream come true for Barcelona.

Messi has just one thing to achieve in his career as a professional football player which is to win titles with the Argentinean National Team. In  Southafrica 2010, Argentina disappointed many people and in Copa America 2011, Argentina didn´t take advantage of playing at home and lost the chance of winning something important. 

However Messi is still a young player with a brilliant present and a wonderful future. We just have to enjoy watching this amazing wizard of the ball who will win Golden Ball this year!