Nowadays, football has a lot of strong players that show their skills and strength all over the field in different important clubs. However beautiful football is not so common and just a few and gifted players have the ability of giving the right pass at the right moment.

 Mesut Ozil is today one of the most incredible playmakers that we have in football his appreciation of space and ability to drift between the lines make him unique and a pain in the back for every single player of  the opposite team. 

This year 2012 has been a good year for the Turkish-German boy. He has played great matches with his club Real Madrid. He has leaded the "blancos" attack in the last matches including the last leg match of La Copa del Rey against Barcelona. 

Ozil controlled and moved  the ball against Barcelona and defenders could not stop him. 

This year in La Liga he has given 11 goal passes to Cristiano , Benzema , Higuain and other players, for that reason he is one of the top  assist-men players in La Liga with  Di Maria. 

Last year,  Mesut was harshly criticized because of his indifference and lack of commitment with Real Madrid's game on the field. Sometimes he also looked gloomy  and tired . He was even  shoved out to the right while other players like Kaka showed themselves . 

It is important to mention that this years seems to be the year of the German -Turkish boy since Spanish media has  praised Mesut for his performance in the last matches  and they have even called him the Magician of the Bernabeu  and the Light that illuminates Madrid's game. 

One can understand those adjectives after watching Ozil matches this year. 

I will prove my words .
Check this video in which Mesut's skills are shown: 
This wonderful video was made by rom70000 his facebook channel is

It must be said that this year in which we have important european competitions as the EURO 2012  , Ozil will have the chance of showing the football planet what a great player he is with the German National Team. 

While we wait for the EURO 2012 POLAND -UKRAINE, we can enjoy watching Ozil playing in La Liga and showing his magic. There are so many good things to come for this great and young player let's wait and see the best of him.