All wonderful football players wear extraordinary cleats.Football is a game that is primarily played with your feet.Therefore the most important piece of football equipment is your footwear. A good pair of cleats or boots is essential.  Without good cleats even the best players would have difficulties maintaining traction on the field. For that reason , It is very important to purchase good cleats to play. Nowadays cleats come in various styles and prices and offer different features. When you decide to buy cleats you have to take into consideration your abilities on the pitch, the playing surface and budget. 

The following tip may be helpful for you when you decide to purchase your cleats : 

When going to purchase cleats, the player

should bring a pair of soccer socks and 

the player's shin pads. Some styles of shin

 pads have detachable ankle 

supports.These ankle supports cover  the

 ankle and also go under the foot. The bulk 

added by the shin guards and the soccer 

socks will affect the fit of the soccer shoe.

 Cleats that selected while wearing typical

 athletic socks may not fit properly when

shin guards and soccer socks are worn.

Now it is time to take into consideration

 the following:


After you have all the necessary 

equipment to purchase your cleats you

 have to decide the price of the boots. 

You have to look at the range of cleats and 

prices in your area and settle on a

 reasonable budget for your needs

and ability to pay. 


You may have a brand of your preference  

remember that different brands have

 different features so if you want a 

particular feature go for the brand you 


Nowadays three of the most important 

brands are NIKE, ADIDAS and PUMA. 

Messi showing his new ADIDAS cleats.

Let's watch a video in which Messi is 

using miCoach new ADIDAS toy.

ADIDAS boots features according to 

ADIDAS site are: 

Men's F50 adizero TRX FG

"These men's adidas F50 ADIZERO trx FG boots are a90 minute lesson in fast. The football boots Goleo calf leather upper gives you a snug fit , sprint web makes for stability in rapid-fire situations, and sprint frame build sheds weight."

Incredible so if you want them go for them!!!

NIKE shows his superfly mercurial 

Let's hear Cristiano Ronaldo talking about his new Superfly Mercurial III 

According to NIKE Superfly Mercurial features are:

"Take advantage of superior speed, with a ground -greeping traction system. It is the epytome of velocity and precision on short -grass fields."

If you want to be Superfly get them. :) 

PUMA has his Powercat used by Cesc Fabregas.
He has recently signed with PUMA so videos are not available. 
According to some reviews about the boots, it is said that The Puma Powercats are designed to maximize contact made with the ball. They are designed specifically to increase shooting power while maintaining touch on the ball. 

They look amazing just buy them!!!

Select your cleats wisely since no other piece of equipment will affect your game as much as your cleats. For that reason choosing the right pair of cleats is an investment that you will never regret.