Saturday, July 9, 2011

Something happens to Messi in La Copa America Argentina

What happens to Messi? 

Much has been said  about Lionel Messi's performance in this Copa America Argentina 2011.Messi has been sharply criticized by his countrymen and media, however, Is it something really happening to  Messi's performance? Many people say that he does not put his heart in the games  some others reproach Meesi for not singing the national anthem at the beginning of a match this week . (which for me has nothing to do, with his performance ). Others wonder why in Barcelona he plays like a super star and with Argentina Messi appears to be like one more player in the soccer field and not the FIFA GOLDEN BALL 2011.  The truth is that Messi is the same  great guy and one of  the best soccer players  in the world. The time, in which Messi shines as the star he is , will come and  Argentina  will be unstopable.  The team  just need someone who puts all the pieces together in the right place  to make that  group of talented men  a great National Team.

Below there is a video of a Spanish channel DEPORTES CUATRO  I think that the video is pretty close to Messi's reality in this moment .. 


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