Saturday, December 31, 2011


 UEFA EURO 2012 is every day closer and people around the world have already chosen their favorite team to win this important competition . FIFA's official website have asked to  their visitors who they think will emerge triumphant from the competition. You can check what people say here : 

Most of the visitors say that either Germany or Spain will win the EURO. 

Most of the participants in surveys in different forums  mention  three National Teams as the strongest teams in the competition. 




Spain has shown in the recent years that they are a strong team with many skillful players like Xavi, Iniesta, and David Villa, players who make the difference in important matches as they did in the last World Cup in Southafrica. They are strong candidates to win the EURO 2012 this year. 

We also have Netherlands. A very experienced team with lots of stars like Van Persie, Sneijder,  and Robben. Netherlands will show in this EURO that they are always in the poll showing why they are in the second place of The FIFA world ranking. 

Germany, the third one in FIFA world ranking, is the strongest candidate to win this coming EURO 2012. For many reasons Germany has enchanted many people with their fast-paced and attractive play. The effectivity they show at the moment of attacking is an attribute that makes Germany one of the best  teams at the moment of attacking. We have to remember last World Cup in which Germany scored 16 goals. Germany is a young team with rising stars like Oezil, Goetze, and Muller.  There are also stars that show their best in each match they play like Miroslav Klose, Philip Lahm ,and   Bastian Sweinsteiger. 

Germany will show in this EURO that they have learned from previous experiences and that now they are able to win. 

Who will win this EURO 2012 ? For sure, it will be the best team in Europe. The team that shows magic, elegance, effectivity and courage.  Meanwhile , let's enjoy every single match of this coming competition. 

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