Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Written with the help of Natalia Inhan an expert on Bundesliga. 

source: http://soccernet.espn.go.com

Bayern Munich is at the top of  Bundesliga . Even though there are 17 matches to come in Bundesliga,  Bayern is pretty strong and they ended the first half of the season in first place. The team had gone through a very difficult time when Bastian broke his collarbone but they could handle it and now they lead the Bundesliga. Dortmund is just three points behind the leader and they are strong enough to get the title once again. Bayern has to be focused on winning the Bundesliga. This coming Friday Bayern has an important and difficult match against Monchengladbach since the team is playing away and without one of his important players Ribery.  There are more difficult matches to come but Bayern is an amazing team that will show why they are in first place. 


  1. Why not comments about the Spanish classic????? No comments about Barcelona????????????

  2. Ohhh...well I'm not writing about the cups in each league since that is a different competition from each league like el Escudeto in Italy, FA Cup in England ,Pokal in Germany or Copa del Rey in Spain. I have not included them, I'm just writing about the different leagues in each country. When I write about Barca you'll find the post for sure... Barca the best team of the planet doing a great job!! :)