Sunday, July 3, 2011



Kaká's future is determined and does not go precisely to follow at the Santiago Bernabeu. After two years filled with injuries and disappointments, Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president, has assumed that the time of the Brazilian player in the time is over and it has mutually agreed with coach White, Jose Mourinho to sell it. Kaka will leave Madrid on June 30, according to Don Ballon “ However Real Madrid will not  admit to lower the price of the  Brazilean player.
The aim of Florentino Perez is to recover the maximum amount of the huge investment involved in the signing of Kaka. Since it will be impossible to recover the 65 million paid at the time for Milan, but  Madrid will do what they can to get  closer  to the original prize. Hence, in the coming months the official message of Madrid is very clear Kaka has fully recovered from his physical problems and will be a key player from now. The goal is not to frighten the interested clubs .
Remember that in recent months, Madrid has received several clear signals from several clubs such as  Chelsea,  the Italian  Ancelotti’s, AC Milan, Manchester City  and some others.
Indeed, the City has moved form in recent weeks, as recorded by the British press. Taking advantage of the pact signed with Real Madrid for the transfer of Emmanuel Adebayor,  who can costs to the club 17 million euros in the case of keeping the player,  the English are willing to include the Togolese in the operation to reduce the price of the transfer. Offers 20 million plus the permanent transfer of Adebayor and Kaka.
Another detail confirms that Madrid is not willing to continue to have the Brazilian star. According to Italian press picked some days ago , whites are following very closely the Croatian Luka Modric, whose inclusion would cover the gap Kaka.
Tottenham star is also on the agenda of several Italian clubs like Inter and Napoli, but Madrid has been interested in his contract situation and strives to stay ahead of its rivals. Mourinho is probing the market for a midfielder profile offensive, because it lacks the Brazilian star to the draft next season.


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